Greetings! I am Sebastian Michaelis. I happen to be expecting a child. That's what you get for being a demon! But I will not allow the child to interfere with my duties.

(This is an independent RP blog. It is not canon to the anime/manga Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. It is merely a crack Mpreg! blog. Please don't take this seriously and have fun!)

(I am also prone to going into random pregnancy feels. You have been warned!)

(If I have an ongoing RP, please put in "theexpectingbutler" or "expectingbutler" in the tags. I will be able to find them easier like that. Thank you)

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Why can’t I ever reblog Black Butler stuff like everyone else? I end up doing red velvet and other foods Sebastian craves instead.

I should really put a warning somewhere.