Greetings! I am Sebastian Michaelis. I happen to be expecting a child. That's what you get for being a demon! But I will not allow the child to interfere with my duties.

(This is an independent RP blog. It is not canon to the anime/manga Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. It is merely a crack Mpreg! blog. Please don't take this seriously and have fun!)

(I am also prone to going into random pregnancy feels. You have been warned!)

(If I have an ongoing RP, please put in "theexpectingbutler" or "expectingbutler" in the tags. I will be able to find them easier like that. Thank you)

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isabelledaughterofhades says: "And I'm ending it."

"I hope so."



"So you kidnapping Leonard wasn’t some sort of bribe?" he raised an eyebrow to the other.  "Forget it. I’m too tired for this. I’ll see you later, most likely." Sebastian turned around swiftly, hitting Joker’s nose with his long tail, and quickly walked down the hallway to the guest room he was in before.

When he went into the room, he had his back on the door. His body shook, mixed with rage and sadness, and slid down onto the floor, looking down at Leonard with worry. “I can’t be Queen… Those… Those demons will look at me like a savage…” he mumbled and held his baby closer to himself. “… I’m fine with that. But if they give you those looks… They’re dead.”

Before he could even answer the other demon was gone leaving him to grasp at empty air. 

"I… oh Sebastian, please stay, please forgive me," he muttered more to himself before departing. He’s make sure the other wanted to stay no matter what it took, he’d convince him. 

Determination burning in his bones and a fiery light in his eyes he returned to his own room to plan out his next moves carefully. Was he really this cruel? He wanted the other to stay badly, how far would he go? He could only hope Finnian and Snake reigned in his more outrageous attempts to sway the beauteous Sebastian.

To some, a month would pass by like a blink of an eye. To Sebastian, it passed slowly in his new home.

The life within the stone walls was very different for the black-clad demon and his son. Sebastian never allowed any other demon to take Leonard away from him, even when he showed signs of exhaustion from waking up randomly at night when the infant cried for one reason or another. When he did suddenly pass out with Leonard in his arms, he would wake up quickly when he sensed someone trying to take the baby away and try to attack them. A few times, the other demon would escape with a scratch somewhere on their body.

Regardless, Sebastian had been getting along with some of the demons. More than others, such as Snake and Finny. He found himself relating to the two quite a bit and enjoying their company, and allowed the little snakes to come close to Leonard. The infant stayed asleep most of the time, though would look at the snakes curiously when awake.

Other demons, like Beast, Doll, Wendy, and Peter, he would take a long while to get along with. Some servants would get Sebastian’s approval, such as Bard and Jumbo, others not so much, or get kicked in the face, like Kelvin on a near daily basis.

He didn’t look and speak to Joker all that much. When Lucifer spoke to Sebastian, he would reply to be courteous and not to get the king furious at him.

Then, the end of the month finally came…

"I hope all is well."


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"We must go. Do take care."

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There are a thousand other rp blogs for the canon character I play. So what do you like about MINE?



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